Ollywood Surfboards

About Ollywood

In 1998, after finishing my studies in Furniture design and Antique restoration, I travelled through New Zealand. There I fell in love with the single-fin era and the shapes they surfed back in the day.. I visited my friend, surfer/shaper Josh Astill. Josh showed me the tricks of the trade and it was then that I shaped my first surfboard. He also introduced me to wooden surfboard craftsman, Davey Briggs who worked with three Maori boys that carved Maori art in the boards from nose to tail, and so was my passion for building wooden surf craft born. After returning to Holland, I started building wooden surfboards in my backyard. Shortly after that I combined my two passions of antique furniture and making unique wooden surf craft and Ollywood Surfboards was born. I love sharing my knowledge and helping other surfers build their own wooden surfboards, so in the winter of 2008 I started giving courses in wooden surfboard building. I mostly build custom classic single fins and twinnies, short and long. Olaf de Vries